The campaign to sack Andy Coles

Since Andy Coles’ secret was revealed in May, there have been continuous calls for him to resign his seat on Peterborough City Council.

Council meetings have been leafleted, talks have been given, houses in his Fletton & Woodston ward have been leafleted, as has Conservative Party campaign headquarters in London.

The Council say they have no power to remove him, and so he would have to resign, as he did with his post as Cambridgeshire’s Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner. That first resignation and his continuing refusal to contest any of the facts indicates that he knows what he did is indefensible.

Positions of political power and civic trust should not be given to men with a history of seriously abusing their power, violating the citizens they are supposed to serve. The campaign will continue until he no longer holds posts of civic responsibility.


One thought on “The campaign to sack Andy Coles

  1. It’s a disgrace the abuse that has been done to these women because of undercover political policing done by those like Andy Coles and the “Special Demonstration Squad”. I hope his victim(s) get justice. We will see if Theresa May’s Undercover Policing Inquiry delivers, but I encourage people to inform themselves and demand action.


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