Human Rights Abuser Andy Coles' banner, Peterborough Town Hall, 11 Oct 2017

Protest at Peterborough Council meeting, 11 October 2017

Human Rights Abuser Andy Coles' banner, Peterborough Town Hall, 11 Oct 2017Last Wednesday saw a protest outside Peterborough Town Hall calling for Councillor Andy Coles to resign. Those attending the council meeting inside were given leaflets detailing Coles’ shameful past as an officer in the disgraced Special Demonstration Squad.

Protesters from a broad spectrum of Peterborough’s political persuasions, as well as representatives from ‘spycops’ victims groups, also leafleted and spoke with hundreds of passers-by. There was overwhelming shock and disgust at Coles’ sexual abuse of a teenager known as Jessica, and his refusal to resign as councillor as he has as Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner. Those by the entrance to the Town Hall held a banner made by Jessica.

As with the last council meeting, the public were banned, and anyone who wanted to follow proceedings was taken to a room on the far side of the building where there was a video link with unbearably poor audio.

Coles has locked the public out of his social media accounts and cancelled public appearances, and his continued presence is spreading this quarantining to the council meetings. In barring the public who from seeing the people they elect, in a building they pay for, the council is, like Coles, snubbing the citizens they are supposed to serve. That is comes to such extreme and bizarre measures underscores how untenable Coles’ position is.

We will protest at every Peterborough City Council meeting until Andy Coles resigns. The next one is on Wednesday 13th December.

Andy Coles Council flier A5 Oct 2017 web


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