Andy Coles Out banner at Peterborough Town Hall

Another Woman Targeted by Andy Coles: Joy Speaks Out

Andy Coles Out banner at Peterborough Town HallAndy Coles is now well known for grooming a vulnerable teenager known as Jessica into a sexual relationship whilst he was an undercover police officer in the early 1990s. However, she was far from the only woman he targeted. He was renowned for cornering women, most of whom fended him off.

Emily Johns was in a peace campaign called Active Resistance to the Roots of War (ARROW) which was infiltrated by Coles. In June 2017 she wrote in Peace News about how Coles had left in a rage when she wouldn’t succumb to his advances.

When researchers were uncovering the truth about Coles in early 2017, they spoke to ‘Joy’ who told them:

‘I allowed him to come into the flat as I was trying to be polite. Very soon after arriving he made a pass at me with no preamble. As I recall he did not say anything at all but just lunged at me and tried to kiss me. I pushed him off and he persisted for a while (several minutes), following me around the living room, while I avoided contact and repeatedly asked him to stop…

‘I then had to ask him to leave which he eventually agreed to do. I cannot remember exactly what I said but I was upset and angry. I felt a bit stupid for allowing him into the flat in the first place and a bit soiled to be brutally honest.’

In the wake of Coles’ recent absolute denial of his sexual relationship with Jessica, which is compounding the distress he has already caused, Joy has spoken out:

‘I wish to make this statement regarding Andy Coles’ comments in the Peterborough telegraph. I am absolutely disgusted and appalled at his comments. The activists that Mr Coles infiltrated were peaceful and not, as he has stated, extremists.

‘As I was one of these activists I can confirm that Mr Coles was a serial sex pest. He was a known creep who liked to get women on their own so he could try and get off with them. His behaviour in public, i.e. in meetings, at protests and in the pub was very different to his behaviour when he got women on their own.

‘He turned up at my flat unannounced uninvited, late one evening and proceeded to chase me around my living room attempting to kiss and cuddle me. I was forced to repeatedly move away and eventually he gave up. I was a residential support worker at the time living above a hostel. Therefore I was put in a very difficult position by Mr Coles. If it had been a normal flat and not above my place of work I would have shouted at him to get out. Mr Coles was known as a sex pest within the animal rights community at the time. I have no doubt that there are other women he has predated upon that have not come forward yet. I hope that they now will.

‘Just because Mr Coles is not facing charges means absolutely nothing. He has predated upon a vulnerable young woman (Jessica). The Undercover Police Inquiry (UCPI) should be told why this young woman was targeted by Mr Coles and who authorised him to act in the way he did. The UCPI needs to get to the bottom of this shameful behaviour of an older police officer towards a much younger woman. What evidence did he gather that was worth sending a sex pest into a peaceful movement to prey on women? They must have known this was what he was like yet it was sanctioned.

‘His behaviour now is as appalling as it was then. He has no shame and is arrogant in the extreme. Nobody has bullied or intimidated him. The fact that he has made the statement he has shows his ongoing contempt for women in general. He should not be a councillor or in any position of authority whatsoever.’

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