New Campaign to Tell Peterborough About Andy Coles

We have made a new leaflet to tell the citizens of Peterborough the truth about their councillor, former undercover police officer Andy Coles.

Having previously delivered leaflets to every home in Coles’ Fletton & Woodston ward last year, and again this year, our new leaflet is up to date, more informative, and will have wider distribution.

As Peterborough Conservatives have continued to support Coles depite his abuse of police power to violate fundamental human rights, we will be covering wards represented by his fellow Conservatives.

We started yeasterday afternoon, delivering them to over 1,000 homes on Orton Longueville, where there is a by-election on 2nd August with the conservatives defending a majority of 120.

Here’s the full text of the leaflet:


Peterborough councillor Andy Coles:
abuser of women
violator of human rights

He resigned as Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner

He must resign as city councillor & school governor

“Although not legally underage, I feel that my youth and vulnerability were used to target me. I was groomed by someone much older, and far more experienced… I was manipulated into having a sexual relationship with him – I didn’t even know his real name”
– ‘Jessica’

As soon as the facts came to light in May 2017, Andy Coles resigned as Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire.

He retains other positions of civic trust including his Peterborough City Council seat. Council leader John Holdich OBE said of this

‘Until you’re proved guilty, why should you get out? That’s a sign of your guilt, isn’t it, if you resign?’

Yet the resignation as Deputy PCC speaks for itself. He cannot have it both ways.

The longer he stays, the more disgrace Andy Coles brings not only to himself but to his party and his roles.

Positions of political power and civic trust should not be given to men with a history of abusing their roles, sexually violating citizens they are supposed to serve.

Andy Coles was feted in his roles as Cambridgeshire’s Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner and Conservative councillor for Peterborough’s Fletton & Woodston ward.

But in May 2017, his secret was revealed.

In the 1990s Andy Coles was an officer in a secret Metropolitan Police unit, the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS).

This disgraced unit is one of the darkest episodes in Met history & is now the subject of a full-scale public inquiry.


Officers lived for years at a time among political campaigners in order to infiltrate and undermine them.

From trade unions to peace groups, animal rights to environmentalists, anti-racists, even the Labour, Green & Liberal parties; this was more counter-democratic than counter-terrorist.

Once the SDS was exposed in 2010, there came a slew of shocking revelations.

SDS officers:
– undermined social justice campaigns
– lied to courts
– set up dozens of citizens with wrongful convictions
– stole the identities of dead children
– colluded with illegal blacklisting of workers who asserted rights to union membership or safe working conditions


Most appallingly, many SDS officers – including Andy Coles – abused their power to deceive women they spied on into long-term intimate relationships.

Andy Coles infiltrated peace campaigns and animal rights groups from 1991-95. Though married and 32, Coles said he was single & 24 as he groomed a vulnerable teenager known as Jessica into a year-long sexual relationship.

We might expect a few secrets from people around us, but we don’t expect the people closest to us to be entirely fictional characters who are being paid to betray us, guided by an unseen team of backroom officers. Jessica could not give informed consent.


After his deployment Coles wrote the SDS Tradecraft Manual to train his successors. He advised ‘disastrous relationships with individuals who are not important to your sources of information’.

The Met have already given an unprecedented apology for such abuse:

“some officers, acting undercover whilst seeking to infiltrate protest groups, entered into long-term intimate sexual relationships with women which were abusive, deceitful, manipulative and wrong…

“these relationships were a violation of the women’s human rights, an abuse of police power and caused significant trauma… relationships like these should never have happened. They were wrong and were a gross violation of personal dignity and integrity”.

Once it was revealed that the SDS had infiltrated the family campaign of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, in 2014 the Home Secretary ordered a public inquiry.

The inquiry has granted Jessica ‘core participant’ status, something given to less than 200 of the most seriously affected people.


More women have come forward with details of aggressive sexual behaviour by Coles. As soon as he was exposed in May 2017, he resigned as Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner, yet he retains his posts as councillor for Fletton & Woodston, and he is still a school governor at West Town Primary Academy.

Coles refused to make any comment for nearly a year. He could have done so – the public inquiry is not a court case, everyone involved is free to speak about the events.

This public servant locked all his social media accounts. His pulling down the shutters does not just affect this issue. By hiding away he is not only being unaccountable but inaccessible. He is betraying the spirit and practice of public service.

Peterborough Conservatives, with their majority of just one seat on the council, have backed him.

After nearly a year with his head in the sand, once the public inquiry published confirmation of his undercover career in March 2018, he admitted only what the public inquiry said, after it had said it, and no more.


Coles knows there is no excuse for his abuse of women, so he denied his year-long relationship with Jessica, even though it was witnessed by many people who knew them both.

Coles claimed to have been investigated & cleared by the Met and the Independent Police Complaints Commission, but that is another of his lies.

The IPCC briefly looked at his role as Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner shortly after he left the post – not his work in the Met, and they did so without speaking to any of his accusers or victims – before deciding they would not investigate him.

Jessica has made a complaint about Coles to the Met, who have not completed their investigation. She is also bringing a civil claim against the Met.

What can you do?

– Join the protests outside council meetings: 6pm on 25 July, 17 October & 12 December
– Ask councillors to demand his resignation
– Follow us on social media & share the details

Our website has:

Video of Jessica describing Andy Coles’ abuse
– Statements from other women he targeted
– Background info about his undercover career
– News about the campaign to have him removed from positions of public trust


Inside of Sack Andy Coles leaflet

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