Andy Coles Intimidates Victim, Assaults Campaigner

Andy Coles 2019 leaflet in handDisgraced former spycop Andy Coles  took his abuse to a new level last week, tracking down the woman he abused while undercover to harass her and attack her supporter.

As a vulnerable 19 year old in the 1990s, ‘Jessica’ was groomed into a sexual relationship by Coles whilst he was an undercover officer of the Special Demonstration Squad. When his past was revealed two years ago he immediately resigned as Cambridgeshire’s Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner, yet he has stayed on as a Peterborough city councillor.

On Monday 29 April, Jessica was distributing leaflets in Coles’  council ward of Fletton & Woodston, assisted by a volunteer.

As the pair made their way up Farriers Court, Coles arrived, photographed them and began making comments.

Andy Coles is currently under police investigation for sexual offences against Jessica – so his physical approach to Jessica is disturbing and alarming. She is also the subject of a court anonymity order, making his photographing of her especially intimidating.

The volunteer with her is also a core participant at the Undercover Policing Inquiry whose life was violated by spycops. Coles grabbed the hand of Jessica’s volunteer, bending the fingers and taking the leaflets. He then said ‘I’ve got your fingerprints, you’re going to jail’.

As with the photographing Jessica, this threat is more intimidating than it might be if done by others. It is not merely a bloated boast of one-upmanship. Andy Coles is from a secret police unit that routinely orchestrated miscarriages of justice.

Since the spycops scandal broke, 50 of these wrongful convictions have been quashed. A report for the Home Office by Mark Ellison QC flagged up another 83 cases, and the true figure is likely to be in the hundreds, possibly the thousands.

Coles was no underling at the Special Demonstration Squad, he wrote the unit’s Tradecraft Manual. When a second unit was established in 1999, the National Public Order Intelligence Unit, Coles was the primary trainer for its first batch of recruits.

So when he says he will ensure you will go to jail, you can’t rely on the fact that you’ve done nothing wrong to protect you.

Jessica has reported the incident to the police. The volunteer was taken to hospital where they were found to have tissue damage in one hand but thankfully nothing broken. They have reported it to the police as assault.

Coles told the Peterborough Telegraph that he has made a counter claim about the incident to Peterborough City Council’s electoral services, but would not explain what he meant.

Afterwards, Jessica said:

‘Despite my abuser haranguing me in the street, I will not be intimidated. It just empahsises the importance of telling the people of Peterborough who this man really is. I stayed in the city for the rest of the week distributing the leaflets and talking to people about him.

‘Coles and his former colleagues talk up fears of intimidation and violence from the people they spied on, but the reality is that we are facing these things from him. All I want is justice and accountability. That’s what he’s really scared of’.


The leaflet text:

Conservative councillor Andy Coles

Abuser of women. Violator of human rights. Forced to resign as Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner

Why do Peterborough Conservatives think he’s fit to be your councillor?

Fletton & Woodston councillor Andy Coles hid a dark secret. In 2017 it was revealed that he had been a key figure in a disgraced secret police unit, the Metropolitan Police’s Special Demonstration Squad.

Coles was an undercover officer in the early 1990s, infiltrating peace campaigns, environmentalists & animal rights groups. Officers from the unit deceived women they spied on into relationships, even fathering children they knew they’d abandon.

Coles groomed Jessica, then a vulnerable teenager, into a year-long relationship. The Met themselves have now conceded ‘these relationships were a violation of the women’s human rights, an abuse of police power and caused significant trauma’. Met lawyers admit it violates the right to freedom from torture, inhuman or degrading treatment – one of the fundamental human rights police are sworn to uphold.

After his deployment, Andy Coles wrote the unit’s ‘Tradecraft Manual’ teaching others how to conduct such relationships, steal identities & other unlawful acts.

Due to the boundary changes, in 2016 Fletton & Woodston elected three councillors at once, for tenures of two, three and four years. Andy Coles won the four-year term and is up for re-election next year.

When he was exposed in 2017, Coles immediately resigned as Cambridgeshire’s Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner. However, he & the Conservatives believe Peterborough voters deserve lower standards from their public servants. He is still a city councillor here in Fletton & Woodston.

Every party will occasionally find they have a corrupt representative. The moral test is in how they respond. Last year, Labour expelled Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya for perverting the course of justice. In March, the Liberal Democrats suspended ex-leader David Steel after seeing evidence he covered up child sex abuse.

Peterborough Conservatives are still supporting Andy Coles. They are insulting the citizens of Peterborough by retaining this depraved liar.

Peterborough deserves better.

Don’t vote for the party that thinks so little of you.

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